Sunday, July 29, 2012

Be Original

Be Original


Scrap kit: Daisies and Blue Jeans.
By Kris at Mystical Illusionz

Template by Missy
Tag Template #392 at Divine Intentionz

Tube by Keith Garvey
I purchased at MPT
But its closed now. And soon will PTE
So visit his site.


Mask: monti blinds mask 1

If you have used my tutorials before you know I like to use the
Drag and drop method

But if not here’s what I mean

The drag and drop is where you take the item from the layers on the palette and click hold and drop over the canvas your working with.
So when you see d&d that’s short for drag and drop

Let’s Begin

Open tag template #392

Shift +D new template should open up, and x out original
Now close out Missy’s copyright
Let’s fill the backgrounds

Open pp08-resize 60%
Activate shape 4
Selection-Select All-float-defloat-invert
d&d pp08 over shape 4
adjust over marching ants
and hit delete
Close original shape 4

Do the same for the following:

Pp09-resize 60%
Activate shape 3

Pp02-resize 60%
Activate shape 2

Pp03-resize 60%
Activate shape 1

Pp05-resize 50%
Activate circle

Pp06-resize 60%
Activate rectangle

Pp07-resize 40%
Activate square

Activate square back
Selection-Select All-float-defloat
Now, take your color changer tool
Flood Fill #ffe41a inside marching ants

Activate wordart layer
Take your color changer tool
Choose color changer
And zoom in and change the wordart to #00113d

Do the same for dotted line layer
And thin rect layer (top one)

Do the same for Dotted line 2 and thin rect (bottom) but use #ffe41a
Once done zoom back to 100%

Add drop shadow to word art
Effects-3d effects-drop shadow
Offset 1
Horizontal 2
Opacity 80
Blur 5.90

Activate circle back layer
Go to Adjust-add/remove noise-add noise
Noise 70%
Add drop shadow
Use setting from adove

Open ele19-resize 14%
d&d, place into position and add drop shadow

open ele 35-resize 12%
d&d, place into position, duplicate ele 35
and move the duplicate into place

open ele 31-resize 15%
d&d, place into position

open ele09-resize 60%
image-rotate right
place under rect back but over thin
rect lowered
add drop shadow
in layer palette drag ele 09 duplicate
under drop shadow of circle
place in position

open ele26-resize 20%
place into positon

open ele42-resize 40%
d&d, place into position
add drop shadow but change color to white

d&d, place into position
drag under rect drop shadow

open ele48-resize 30%
and ele50 resize 25%
d&d, place into position
for ele50 take deform tool
turn a little and add drop shadow
remember to change color back to #202020

activate background layer
duplicate x 2
so you should have 3 backgrounds
close out original and close out 2nd copy
flood fill #02254e

Go to layers-load/save mask
Load from disk
Monti blinds mask1
In palette click on mask layer
Right click merge
Merge group
Move into position
Repeat on copy layer but flood fill with #fdde07

Activate top layer
Open ele20-resize 20%
d&d place into position

open ele44-resize 40%
rotate til it lines up with shape 2
add drop shadow

This will be a good time to add your
name, and artist info. Remember
if you use a PTU tube you must add
your license # and artist copyright

For the name I used Lokas –Aqua

And there you go.
I’d love to see what you come up with.

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