Saturday, June 2, 2012

Country Rocker

Country Rocker


By Kris from Mystical Illusionz

Open canvas 775x660
Open ele08
Take wand click inside frames

Size pp07 to 75%
Click and drop over frames
Hit delete
Select none
Drag under frames

Open ele16
Add to background

Open ele17
Add to background
Duplicate, flip,
Adjust to your liking

Open ele21 resize to 60%
Add to background
Duplicate, flip,
Adjust to your liking

Open ele03
Duplicate and add to corners

Activate pp07
(pink paper inside frames)
Open your tube of choice
And place under frame but above pp07
And hit delete

Duplicate image and mirror and adjust
So you should have the tube in both sides

Duplicate tube on both sides
Now you should have 4 tubes
Close out copies
On originals

Open copies
Blend mode-soft light on both

Add mask of your choice
Add name
I used curlz font
Add artist copyright and info
And now you got yourself a pretty tag!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fairy Love

Fairy Love

Scrap Kit: Tainted Love
By Kris at
Mystical Illusionz
Template by Missy
Tube by Jose Cano (PTE)

Let’s Start

Open scrap kit and resize to 70%

Close out Missy’s copyright

I am going explain how to fill in the squares here so I
Don’t have every step repeating myself.

Activate layer we are working on
Go materials in palette
Click on foreground
Click on pattern find pp#
Angle 0
Scale 143
Go to paint brush tool
Select square brush
Blend mode- normal
Color in the square with the marching ants
When done go to
Selections- selection none
Repeat these steps for all the layers

Okay lets really start now
Open pp4-square1
Pp12-frame back
Okay now all your layers should be filled

Now add your elements
As you want them or follow mine
Just remember to resize them
I love drop shadows so add a few

Place tube in position
(if you are following my elements this is how I made it look
Like she holding the flower)
Duplicate element flower4
Drag duplicate all the way to the top
Activate top duplicate and take eraser
Opacity 100
And erase
The flower over the thumb
Because to leave the small piece to cover her finger
To make it look like she is holding it

Resize tube 70%
Look for center square
Drag and drop tube over square
But make sure tube is under frame
Hit delete

Duplicate tube inside frame
Close copy
Activate orginal
Go to
Adjust-blur-gaussian 1.00
Repeat one more time
Open duplicate
Blend mode-soft light

Now add your name and info
Of artist.
Add a mask of choice

Merge all
And there you go.

Thanks for following along

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Emo Princess

Made my first quick page. I think it came out cute. I used a PTU scrap kit from my great friend Kris called Kitty Kitty.


Hey! well got another freebie for you. its been a few days, but the kids are almost out of school, so i've been helping teacher clean and get ready for summer but heres a new one. I hope you like it.