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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Birthday Monkey Quickpage

Monkey Business and you can get it at

Birthday Monkey

This has to be one of the cutest kits ever. I love Kris's work. This cute kit is called Monkey Business and you can get it at

All american tag

I couldn't make enough tags with this kit. I loved it! Grab your copy at SATC

Betrayed Quickpage

by Kris

I dont Care

Have another free template, call it, I don't care. I hope you like it.

You can get your copy here at 4Shared

Please remember to link person to my page for downloading, Please dont share or claim as your own.
I love to see what you come up with.
Thank you Angela

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cute but Deadly

Cute but Deadly

Scrap kit: Betrayed
By Kristen at Mystical Illusionz

You can purchase it from SATC.

Template by: Missy
Tag template #289 at Divine Intentionz

Tube by: Lady Mishka at Scrap and the City

Font: The King & Queen

Before we start, I like to use the drag and drop method,
Instead of copy and paste new layer.
The drag and drop is where you take the item from the layers on the palette and click hold and drop over the canvas your working with.
So when you see d&d that’s short for drag and drop

Let’s get started

Open tag template #289

Close out Missy’s copyright
Activate “circle” layer
Selections-select all-float-Defloat-Invert
Open pp1-resize down to 60%
d&d over “circle” layer and hit delete
(I close out the original layer)

Activate layer “rectangle1”
Selections-select all-float-Defloat-Invert

Open pp16 resize to 65%
d&d over “rectangle1” layer
Activate pp16
and hit delete
Close original

Activate layer “rectangle2”
Selections-select all-float-Defloat-Invert
Open pp8 resize to 50%
d&d over “rectangle2” layer
activate pp8
and hit delete
Close original

Activate layer “thin rectangle2”
Selections-select all-float-Defloat-Invert
Open pp11 resize to 30%
d&d over “rectangle2” layer
activate pp11
and hit delete
Close original

Activate layer “thin rectangle1”
Selections-select all-float-Defloat-Invert
Open pp07 resize to 70%
d&d over “thin rectangle1” layer
activate pp07
and hit delete
Close original

Activate word art
Get your color changer tool
Foreground color #7acae7
And change color
On solid word art, I enlarged my tag to get as
Close as to fill in the letters.

Close out “Selections-select all-float-Defloat-Invert
glitter circle”

Open “diamond frame”
Resize50% place under word art layer
And place in position

Open “ribbon heart 1 and 2”
Resize to 12%
d&d 1 and 2 ribbons
place into position

Open “candle rose”
resize to 30%
d&d and place over the ribbons layer and
set in position

Open “glitter spot 1 and 2”
I just flipped and mirrored these and
d&d , placed them toward the top
left corner
and moved them to the bottom of
the layers so that why they’d be in the background

Open “satin bow”
Resize to 20%
Activate top layer
d&d and position
with that open “rose 1”
resize down to 10% and
place over center of “satin bow”

Open “skull-bow” and resize 20%
d&d and position
open “rose2” resize 10%
place center of skull-bow
and add dropshadow

Open “skull” resize 25%
With raster deform turn the skull a little
Add dropshadow

Open “sparkles 1 and 2”
Activate top layer
d&d 1 and 2 over top layer and position

Choose tube of choice
I used a PTU tube

Take wand, click inside of diamond frame
( you should have the marching ants inside of frame)
d&d tube and position as you like
duplicate tube
close out duplicate
activate original tube layer
hit delete
now you should only have the tube inside of frame
activate and open duplicated tube
take eraser and erase bottom of tube
so you have nothing of the tube on the bottom of frame
Selections-select none
Take duplicated tube in layers and move above frame
(so you will have tubes on top and bottom of frame layer)
Take eraser again and activate duplicated tube
And erase the pieces covering the frame at the bottom

Take your text tool
5x5 font, type out name,
Convert layer to raster
Go to effects-plugins-mura
Example below

hit okay
Now you should have a layer full of the name

Now go to small circle layer and activate
Selections-select all-float-Defloat-Invert
Go back to your layer full of name and
Hit delete
Now you should only have the name inside of the circle

Now you can add your name of choice and copyright info of
I hope you enjoyed this tut.
Thank you for following along