Friday, May 18, 2012

My Love is Music

   My Love is Music

This morning I woke with a song in my head....Bleed... by my favorite band
COLD! I hope you enjoy using my templates. Please leave some comments, I loved to see your work. thanks for stopping in.
Here's a tag I made using my "My love is music" kit and a scrapkit from Kris at Mystical Illusionz called "Let's Party"

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Rules

Thought of this one last night when my daughter told my son, "The rules dont apply to me" lol kids! I hope you like it.. please feel free to grab and leave some love. thank you

Grab it here.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Think Pink

Think Pink


©Jose Cano, (you must purchase from PTE and receive license #)
(PTU) by Kris from
Mystical Illusionz
Font: BlackJack
Template: Think Pink by Creationz by Wicked Witch (me)

Let’s Begin
Open Think Pink template
SHIFT-D to duplicate
Close out the orginal

Delete/x-out the copyright layer

Unhide raster layer
Duplicate layer
Flood fill black and use any mask of your choice
(layers-load/save mask-load mask from disk-choose your mask)
Go over to your palettes-down to your mask-right click merge group
Open pp06
Activate-top black strip in palette
Click on foreground color in materials
Angle 0
Scale 117
(Or to your liking)
Click on floodfill tool and fill
Selections-select mone

Open pp07
Repeat step for bottom strip

Open pp04-resize-45%
Activate Left Square
Click foreground
Angle 0
Scale 107
Floodfill-fill-select none

Open pp07-resize 50%
Activate Right Square
Repeat steps above

Open pp09 resize 60%
Activate center rectangle layer (duplicate)
And repeat floodfill process with pp07 on duplicate layer
Select none-opacity 66%

Open pp01 and pp10
And repeat the floodfill process
For the top and bottom rectangle layers
( you may resize or scale down the papers)

Now you can add your elements of choose or
Place as I did..totally up to you, just remember
To resize the elements
I love drop shadows but you can decide

You may also add tube of choose. I used Jose Cano, but you must purchase from PTE..
I added gradient glow to my tube

This is a good time to add artist info and well as your own.

Last to add name:
Open canvas 500X 500
Flood fill white
Type name: size your choice- color your choice
Selections-float-defloat-modify-expand 3
Right click copy merge-right click paste as new image

Go back to your 500x500 canvas
Undo (ctrl-z) until you only have your white background
Go up to
Adjust-add/remove noise-add noise
Noise 100%
Monochrome- checked

Activate name that you pasted as new image

Go over to palette and you should see it.
Click on it and hold then drag it over to layer you added noise too
And drop
Now activate
Selections-modify-expand 3
Copy merge-paste as new layer on your tag.
Position to your liking

Merge visible
And you got yourself a new tag.